We Are a Water Polo Family!

The South Davis Water Polo club is the fastest growing sport at the South Davis Recreation Center, and one of the largest water polo clubs in Utah. A big part of our growth comes from the values we teach our players, and how our players live according to our team values.

Team Values

Everyone belongs. Nobody gets turned away. The reality is that there are a lot of sports out there that are competitive to even be a part of. That is not us. We welcome everyone. This is home. We are family.

Water polo is a means to the end, not the end. Water polo is the perfect analogy for life. Goals are gained in the sprint. The Game is won in the the endurance. In life people put us down, try to drown us, tell us we can’t do this and can’t do that. The fight we give in water polo, the wins in the short run, enduring the entire game, teach us that we can do hard things, that we are capable of the seemingly impossible and no matter what – we can rise to any challenge and come out alive.

Provide quality instruction. Let’s face it. When we know what we are doing, why we are doing it, and know how to play the game – it is a lot more fun. Nobody is going to come back to something that is more aggravating than enjoyable. The number two question we ask ourselves is, “How do create better practices?”. As coaches, we want players to be self-driven and competitive within themselves first, and others second. Every player deserves the opportunity to grow in this sport. The team also deserves to have players willing to sacrifice and work hard to elevate the team. Because each player participates in the sport for different reasons, we work hard to give every opportunity available to play at the highest levels attainable, and always be inclusive to those who want this to be a great way to enjoy athletics during their pre-college years.

Have fun. On the deck, it’s all hard work discipline and constant improvement. Because this club is run by volunteers – we don’t have much patience for horseplay on the deck. But having fun is important. So, we work in things like the lip sync battle, team bonding activities and other events that not only are a lot of fun but are aligned to our other values.

Currently our club features the following teams:

  • 18U Boys Team (Spring and Fall)
  • 18U Girls Team (Spring and Fall)
  • 16U Boys Team (Spring Season only)
  • 16U Girls Team (Spring Season only)
  • 14U Boys team (Spring and Fall)
  • 14U Coed Team (Spring and Fall)
  • 12U Coed team (Spring and Fall)


When we play. Water polo in Utah has three seasons: Spring, Summer and Fall.

  • The spring season is the main competitive season for our teams.
  • During the summer we focus on learning. We combine with other clubs to travel to out of state tournaments such as the Jr. Olympics in Southern California.
  • During the fall, we focus on learning at every level more than we do wins and losses. It is also the main competitive season for our younger teams, though the competition is always friendly.


Learn the sport without joining the club. We know that water polo is one of those sports that you won’t know if you want to participate, until after you play it. So, we offer free “Learn to Play” clinics during the year.