Fall 2022

High School Age practices begin Aug. 15 @ Skyline

Youth Age practices begin Aug. 22 @ Skyline

Email:  southdaviswaterpolo1@gmail.com

Website: southdaviswaterpolo.com

South Davis Water Polo Teams

Fall Season teams differ from Spring Season teams. In the Fall, South Davis Water Polo (SDWP) focuses on player development.


High School Age 

These teams are made primarily of high school players.  Our club has both a girls and boys team at this level.


14U co-ed

This team will be co-ed. Players at this level are still learning the game and developing experience and skills to compete at the next level.


12U co-ed  *Must be able to swim 200 yds and tread water for 3 min

Typically made up of players in the 4th – 6th grades, our grade school program is designed for those athletes who want to learn the sport in a fun atmosphere without the same level of aggressive spirit that comes with Junior High and High School level of playing.

This team is expected to play by the fundamental rules of no floatation device assistance and no standing on the pool floor. A certain level of swimming proficiency is expected in this age group.


Fall 2022 Season 

The team fees are as follows:

  •         Fall 2022 High School Age – SDRC Member – $160.
  •         Fall 2022 High School Age – SDRC Non-Member – $180.
  •         Fall 2022 Youth Age – SDRC Member – $75
  •         Fall 2022 Youth Age – SDRC Non-Member – $95

Each player must have a USA Water Polo Membership. USA Water Polo (USAWP or USWP) is the governing entity for water polo play. A BRONZE LEVEL membership is required to play in any league game. Parents are responsible for getting their player registered, and maintaining a current status.  A membership card will be sent in the mail to you. Please keep this and put it in the player’s game bag. Although we try hard to not need individual membership cards each game, it’s helpful to have your membership card at the game, in case something goes wrong. Players will not be able to be put on the game’s roster without this membership.



Email: southdaviswaterpolo1@gmail.com

Send questions to this email and it will be routed to the right member of the team’s committee for an answer.

We will also be using the app TeamSnap .  After registration, you can download the app and access Calendar and more team information.



The following gear is recommended for players.

  • SUITS: In water polo, boys wear water polo swimsuits/speedos, and girls wear a water polo suit, which is high necked and zippered in back.  Jammers are allowed during play for boys in the 14U and 12U divisions. Speedo style suits for boys are required during games for 16U / 18U / Varsity teams. Swim trunks or board shorts are heavily discouraged for practices and not allowed during games. Water polo specific suits are constructed to be more durable and to withstand the rigor of the sport better than regular swimsuits. It is the responsibility of the athlete to provide their own suit. Club suits are available for purchase through a link to our team store on our website. If you choose to buy a suit other than the team suit, purchase a suit that is 100% black. (with exception to possible stitching color difference)
  • Water Polo Caps (not swim caps, but numbered caps with ear protection for games) will be provided by the team. Coaches will bring them to and from the games. They do not go home with players.
  • Swim caps are recommended for those with long hair as the Water Polo Caps do not contain the hair well. Swim caps are worn underneath the water polo cap. If you require a swim cap, please purchase two white caps and two solid dark colored caps. Goalies wearing swim caps must have red caps. Please keep two of each color option on you at all times as these can break with normal wear and tear.
  • Goggles are not worn in water polo.
  • Mouth guards are strongly suggested for players, especially older ones. Moldable ones are preferred. Check with Bountiful Orthodontics to see if they have some available.  You may also buy them online at SISU NextGen Aero Mouthguard | SISU Mouthpiece (sisuguard.com).   They are heat moldable up to 20 times, are easier to breathe with, and they are the official mouthguards for USA Water Polo.
  • Fingernail and toenail clippers: Nails must be neatly trimmed before each game. They will be checked by the refs before being allowed to play.
  • USA Water Polo I.D. Cards: Players will be required to show proof of membership before each game. Until your official I.D. card arrives, print out a temporary membership card from the USA Water Polo website. Be sure to upload a CURRENT picture of your player each time you renew the membership or sign up for the first time.


Car Pooling Policy

Parents are responsible for getting their kids to the game. We encourage all families to come and support their players during the games. If carpooling, parents need to give permission to and verify with the driver individually that there is a seatbelt in the car for their player. There will be no dropping off players at the rec center without this prior permission and verification that there is room.



Each water polo family is asked to volunteer each season. In the fall we ask that at least 2 hours are donated per family. Volunteering opportunities include helping with team building events, service projects, games, and tournaments.