South Davis Water Polo Training and Development

Thank you for coming to our training and development page. Our goal as as coaching staff is to provide a unified approach in how we teach skills, drills, and plays. Our desire is to have every player, regardless of their ambitions – become better water polo players at the pace they are comfortable with and want. 

Documents to the left will help you understand which skills and knowledge we are teaching at each age group level, and how we evaluate players during the games. Don’t worry though, if you are new to the sport, we will help you catch up. 

As always, if you have questions, feel free to ask any of the coaches.

Document Downloads (Coming Soon):

Personal Skills – No Ball

Starting and Stopping

Reverse Scullying

Vertical Breast Stroke Kick

Vertical Egg Beater



Personal Skills with a Ball

Regular Dribble 1

Regular Dribble 2

Underneath Pick Up

Base Position

Horizontal To Vertical


Ball Transfer Hands

Pump Fake

Draw Foul

Shooting Drills

Basic Shooting Skills

Lob Shot

Penalty Shot

Back Hand Shot

Skip Shot

Sweep Shot

UP and Under Drills

Video Name

Video Name

Passing Skills

Cross Face Pass

Pressure Pass- Step Out

Pass and Retrieve

Rebounder Drills

Close Tap, Hi Tip, High Position

Fake Left, Right, Pass


Video Name

Video Name

Defensive Strategies and Tactics

Shot Blocking

Offensive Skills and Plays

Ball Side Drive

Man Down Defense

Man Up Offense

Defensive Set

Fronting The Offensive Center

Defense Part 1

Offensive Set

How To Turn

Earning Position

Cross Face Passing

Goalie Training

Goalie Base Position

Goalie Lunge Technique

Goalie Passing Technique

Goalie Steals

3 Ball Monty

Goalie Hand Depth

Rapid Fire Tennis Balls

Skip Drill

Ready Drill

Driver Conditioning

Skating and Lunging

Ball Control

Big Defense to Counter Attack

Center Conditioning

Jug Center Shots

Full Wrestle

Face and Spin

Goalie Conditioning

Buoy Drill

Corner Lunge


Water Polo IQ

Practice Drills

Head Up Development

Russian 2M

Cross Face Passing

Cross Face Draw

Tony Azevedo Fundamentals

Passing with Mobility

Lock, Slide, Kick Up, and Pass

Close Tip, High Tap, High Pass

Full Wrestle

Great Games

South Davis Games: Analysis