Hey crew! We have really been focusing a lot on some core fundamentals lately and I want to reiterate them again. It is vital that you master these.

  1. Egg Beater. It may feel like we give too much emphasis on this skill, but I cannot stress it enough. Mastering the eggbeater should be your number one priority. Please watch this instructional video on how to egg beater properly.
  2. Passing. The ability to move the ball in any circumstance is paramount to our success as a team. We will always be passing, and always work on becoming better. Watch these videos to see if you are understanding how to pass correctly, and to learn ways to apply the fundamentals of passing in different situations.
  3. Swimming. I get it. We are not all super fast. But when you show up to practice, you can do the conditioning where you are comfortable, or you can push yourself. Push yourself. Get out of your comfort zone and really make the workout work for you. A good water polo freestyle stroke is very different than your traditional freestyle. You want your head to be high out of the water. Remember the phrase, keep your head on a swivel? You want to be able to look around you at all times and see what is going on. You also short choppy strokes with high elbows.Bonus Video!! Want to be a champion? Watch this short clip from Tony Azevedo. I guarantee you can learn a lot from this video.


If we are not good at these things, no other skills, plays, or movement will be good either. Every practice you should be keenly aware of how well you are improving on these three things. If you feel like you are struggling on any of these, don’t hesitate to ask one of the coaches or senior players for help. We are in this together and there is no shame in getting help. This team and game is like life people. You won’t be good at it all, and if you don’t ask for help, you’ll never get better.

All of these videos and more can be found on our website at southdaviswaterpolo.com/training.