Parents and Athletes,
Because of the Covid mess, we are not having a parent meeting. This email is a substitute for that. I am going to try and make this as brief and to the point as possible. This email contains information that is not typical for our fall league. So please read the email thoroughly.
This email contains the following information:
  • Covid Policies for practice, games, and USWP.
  • Personal workout requirements
  • Team announcements procedures
  • Team specific information
If you have any questions, please reach out to me at or (801) 200-1277 or Jill Norman at or (801) 783-7915.
Covid Policies
Attached you will find the Covid Policies for the Kearns Facility, our practices, the Olympus Aquatic facility. Please review each very carefully. If you miss information your athlete may not be able to participate, and you may not be able to be a spectator.

    • Don’t attend or bring their athlete if they have any symptoms.
    • Everyone must social distance except within households.
    • Everyone must wear a mask at all times, but wearing a mask doesn’t replace the need to social distance when possible.
    • Follow signage at each facility and listen for PA announcements.
    • At Kearns, spectators will be limited to 2 per athlete.
    • At Olympus, spectators will be required to sign and turn in the attached spectator form and spectators will be limited to 30 from each team.
    • We will be designating which half of the bleachers will be for the team wearing white caps and for the team wearing dark caps.
This league is the first to operate as a sanctioned USWP event since the shutdown of athletics in USWP in the Spring. All of USWP has it’s eye’s on Utah right to see if opening water polo back up is a good idea or not. I tell you this because following all Covid rules is going to be STRICTLY enforced by all referees, host locations, and our club.
Finally, if you have not yet logged into USWP and signed the USWP covid policy, do so now. I cannot add players to rosters until this is done. That means you will not play in a game until this is done. Do it right now, and then come back to this email.
Personal Workout Requirement
We will not be doing dryland workouts as a team. I am assigning each team a specific workout that can be done from home in about 20 minutes or less each day. The only equipment you will need is a jump rope and a resistance band.
Also, because of our limited pool time, I am asking that each athlete do two swim workouts of conditioning each week outside of water polo. If you are taking swim lessons or on a swim team, this counts for you, including swim conditioning class at school.
Each Sunday I will be posting the weekly dryland workout for each team, as well as a swim workout for those doing conditioning on their own.
This will be posted in TeamSnap under your teams Post area of the messaging tab.
I expect each athlete to be accountable for these workouts. I have created a spreadsheets on Google Docs that allow you to mark yes or no, that you have done your personal workouts. You should update these at the end of each week. The link to the spreadsheet is:
Team Announcements
All team announcements will be made through Team Snap. Please make sure to have the app downloaded to your phone, or the ability to receive messages. Athletes are required to indicate through a comment that they have seen or read these messages. Parents are great substitutes for this, especially for our younger players.
The reason we are requiring a response is because, as part of our Covid practice policy, we will not be having team meetings after each practice. The information normally distributed at those team meetings will be done via Team Snap.
18U Boys
Your team captains this fall are Zach White and Dylan Suarez. But I expect you all to be leaders and hold each other accountable to putting the needs of the team first, giving 100% in and out of the pool, and representing our club in the most favorable way.
Our first game is tomorrow at 1:15. Please arrive no later than 12:30 and be ready at that time in your suits ready to warm up.
Bridger, PJ, Dylan, Peter, Zach, and White Boy: All of you must login to USWP and sign the Covid Waive. I cannot add you to our rosters until that is done. Please stop reading this email now and do it immediately.
14U Coed
Our practices are Friday from 5:00 -6:30.
You are welcome to join our 18U practices on Monday and Wednesday night from 9:00 – 10:00 PM. If you attend those practices I will be giving a 30 minutes swim workout that will count toward your personal swim workouts. After that 30 minute conditioning, we will focus on individual skills.
If you do not have a USWP membership, sign up now. If you have one, and have not signed the Covid Waiver, do that right now.
Boys – if you want to join the 18U boys at games, let me know and I will add you to the roster. There is no guarantee of playing time in any game. But this is a great chance to watch and learn a higher level of play.
Girls – I cannot offer you the chance to sit with the girls 18U team. We did not field enough girls for an 18U team, and they will be playing with Olympus this season. Sorry.
12U Coed
Our team will be combining with Weber’s 12U team. Currently we have 12 or so players and they have 6. Both of our clubs have athletes ranging in age 8 – 12, with a wide range of skill and swim abilities.
I am very excited to be partnering with them this year. This will our more skilled players opportunities to be competitive, get some rest during each game, and not feel the burden of carrying the team. It will also give the athletes who are not strong swimmers, the right amount of playing time where they do not feel overwhelmed, burned out, or just floating so we have a body in the pool to make a team.
Each player will get the right amount of playing time each week to help them grow and make a contribution to the games outcome.
As part of our collaboration with Weber, some of their players may be joining us for our practices on Fridays at 4:00 PM. Likewise, we can join them for their practices.
If you want to join them for their practices, they practice every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 6 – 7 PM. Before Labor day, the practice are at Ogden HS. After Labor Day, the practices will be at Ben Lomond HS.
Lastly, if you have not yet signed up for USWP or signed the USWP covid waiver, do it now. I cannot stress this enough.